You came here to find out how tall you are?

You came to the right place.
This is a fun little calculator that tells you how tall you are in different types of animals.

It is terribly written and wont always work but who has the time to make things that actually work all the time if they aren't getting paid.

So here is the name of the game: Put in your height, Feet or Centimeters, you can then pick an animal from the awesome fan menu and it will tell you how many of them animals you are tall.

I am sure now you're thinking... what is this douche on about.
Well my friend this is the graphical example part:

If you are say, the average height of a human (that I found on some random site somewhere so might not be accurate) 171cm, you would be 6.84 cats tall... assuming that a cat is on average 25cm tall (again more information I got on the interwebs that could or could not be accurate depending on if you're a factual bore or a fun gag boi)

Select your measurements.